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McDonnell reappoints Dragas

Governor McDonnell reappointed Rector Dragas, much to my surprise. I am not sure why. Perhaps he simply wished to avoid scrutiny of his appointments, and the status quo, however disagreeable to many people, seemed less controversial than appointing a new Rector. It is worth noting that he has replaced a number of other board members.

Sullivan Reinstated

It’s not very surprising to see that President Sullivan was reinstated last Tuesday. The only question remaining seems to be whether Rector Helen Dragas will keep her job on the Board of Visitors. Her statement after reinstating Sullivan seems to pretty clearly telegraph her desire to stay on the board, but it looks like she would have to be reappointed by Gov. Bob McDonnell when her term expires on July 1. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for McDonnell to reappoint such a universally reviled board member, less so when she appears to be a major Democratic campaign┬ácontributor. Perhaps she has cut a deal, but I would guess everyone is just waiting for her term to expire at this point.

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