Just Saw Vantage Point

I just saw Vantage Point, the crappy new Dennis Quaid movie.

This movie must have been written during the writer’s strike because the script was pretty terrible. At one particularly awkward moment, Dennis Quaid, playing a secret service agent, radios into headquarters and says, “I have POTUS in hand.” How do we know he is telling the truth? Well, right before saying this he reaches over and grabs the President’s shoulder. So the President is literally in his hand. Get it?

A few moments of cliched Hollywood pontificating stood out. When the President is asked to order an attack on a confirmed terrorist camp he pauses and then says something like, “No! We have the world’s sympathy now. That’s important and we can’t compromise that!”

Seconds later all of the President’s men are killed by a terrorist. I’m not sure the irony was intentional.

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