Campaign Silence

The McCain campaign did a great job controlling the release of the Senator’s VP pick. Some people had worried that the news would leak on Thursday; on Fox News last night, at least one commentator accused the campaign of doing just that when rumors about Pawlenty were still in the air.

But it’s Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. My cautious first reaction is that this is a good pick. Palin is young, appealing-looking, and apparently very popular in Alaska. Clearly the McCain campaign is trying to chase women voters disappointed by Clinton’s exclusion from the Obama ticket. Tina-Fey-look-alike-Palin is probably as good a choice as any for that tactic.

Palin has been in office for just a short time – since 2006. To some extent, the McCain campaign is probably daring Obama to say that she is not experienced enough. Her short career leaves me a little unclear as to her broader policy platform. But her rise to the governorship, how she clawed her way past superiors she accused of corruption, makes for an interesting enough story. As long as she proves to be a fiscal conservative, I’ll be satisfied.

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