Many commentators have treated this election as a referendum on race/racism.

Pollster.com currently has voter preferences at 51.9% for Obama and 44.3% for McCain. Let’s assume that means there are still 3.8% undecided, and that Obama can expect to win half of them. That puts the projected Obama portion of the electorate at 53.8%.

Many people have treated the election as a referendum on racism in the United States. If this is so, will Obama’s election mean that significant racism has ended?

The Supreme Court has suggested that affirmative action must eventually end in our universities. Should the justices refer to Obama’s election as evidence against the policy in their next ruling on the subject?

If Obama performs below 53.8%, should we treat it as a measure of secret racism, otherwise known as the Bradley Effect? If he performs above 53.8%, will the fears of secret racism have been invalidated?

After the referendum on racism, can we have another one on redistribution?

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