I Was There

And I wasn’t that impressed.

Maybe it was the fact that I woke up at 7 and walked for an hour and a half to watch something on a jumbo-tron two miles from the actual event, when I could have watched it in my bedroom only a half-mile from the Capitol. Maybe it was the fact that I had to wait, standing, for three hours in a crowd of strangers, in weather cold enough to steal the feeling from my toes through wool socks and boots. Maybe it was the fact that I’ve heard him speak dozens of times before and am now bored of his cautious, academic style. Or maybe it was the fact that I have always been steadfastly opposed to the most salient feature of his candidacy – not his race, but his liberal policy platform.

I don’t claim by any means to have been an objective judge, but Obama’s speech was, to my ear, platitudinous and uninspired. It blandly complimented uncontroversial American liberties, proclaimed a moment of national emergency in tones too calm to dim the crowd’s excitement, and made no efforts to defend, explain, or acknowledge the redistributive program that I have little doubt our new president will now advance.

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