Inaugural Concert/Inauguration

So I sort of attended the Inaugural Concert and Obama’s inauguration itself. I say “sort of” because, while I was indeed in a crowd of millions on the National Mall watching events on a jumbotron, I was too far away from the actual events to really see them (farther, in fact, than my Heritage Foundation housing).

I am not very impressed with the quality of the videos I got with my phone, so I’m not going to inflict any of them on you. The most impressive thing about the enormous crowds was how they clogged up the streets all around the actual events – something that couldn’t really be captured in any single photograph. At the inauguration, my vantage point – given my slightly below average height – was sufficiently unimpressive that I didn’t even bother taking any pictures. I mostly concentrated on taking videos of the crowd’s reaction to the various attendees. Most embarrassing was the booing and catcalls as Vice President Dick Cheney was pushed out of the Capitol in a wheelchair.

I’ll post one semi-worthwhile photo. It’s a picture of the crowds beneath the Washington Monument that were arrayed to watch the Inaugural Concert two days before Obama began his term. It’s from the beginning of the event, so the crowd grew from the size shown below. Keep in mind that the people here were all overflow from the actual event, at the Lincoln Memorial.

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