9-12 DC Rally

I was at the anti-progressive rally in Washington today.  The crowd was large and friendly, and the signs were mostly very clever.  I did see one or two that were less than impressive – notably one that had, among other pictures, a depiction of Obama in some sort of Amazonian tribal garb (I was not close enough to figure out what statement exactly the sign was trying to make).  For the record, the vast majority of Obama=Hitler posters were manned by LaRouchePac (a group of culty quasi-communists and NOT part of the conservative or libertarian movements).

Gadsden and American flags were present in rough parity, an important thing, I think.  The former glosses the latter.  We were not celebrating America because we love its habitual massive deficits and over-weaning federal bureaucracy, its massive welfare state transfers and labor-corporate patronage system, its decaying global military hegemony, or its puritanical pursuit of recreational drug users.  We were celebrating our nation to the extent that it was founded on revolt against intrusive interference by arbitrary powers.

Socialists of all parties, don’t tread on us!

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