LHC Update II

Some fun but probably crazy theories by theorists Nielsen and Ninomiya suggest that the universe doesn’t want us to prove the existence of Higgs particles.


Richard Kenway, who holds Higgs’ former position at the University of Edinburgh, says that the 78-year-old emeritus professor remains quietly confident that the LHC will discover the Higgs boson when it is eventually running at full strength. For his part, Kenway says the LHC’s delays are to be expected given the size and intricacy of the $9 billion experiment. And he says if he ever needs further proof that the Higgs boson is not abhorrent to nature, he need only spend time with his friend and mentor. “If nature truly did not want us to discover the Higgs, a cosmic ray would have zapped the embryo that became Peter, preventing its development into a physicist,” he says.

Ah yes, but what if the universe wants us to prove Nielsen and Ninomiya’s theories that the universe doesn’t want us to prove the existence of Higgs particles?  Then Higgs would need to be born to invent the idea, and the LHC would need to fail in order to prove that the theory couldn’t be proven!  Can I have my Nobel prize in subatomic particle theory now?  No?  I’ll settle for a peace prize.

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