Presidential Primaries as Mate Selection

Voters look for the same qualities in presidential candidates as they do in mates – or at least, as I imagine women look for in their ideal man.

The ideal presidential candidate is tall, handsome, and confident. He is ambitious, and his career history is extremely impressive. He is probably rich, or if not he is at least famous. He should come from the same cultural background as you, and he should like the same things you do. He should be compassionate, eloquent, and outspoken. In debates, he should be able to embarrass his competitors without loosing his composure, and he should never appear confused, apologetic, or defensive. It’s easier to like him if he is already popular. He definitely shouldn’t have a habit of making outrageous statements in public. How would you be able to explain him to your friends and family then? Obviously, he is a man and not a woman.

Is it a good metaphor? Or a perfect one?

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