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    Worth Reading: Why I am Not a Conservative

    by Hayek

    In this essay – apparently tacked on to some editions of The Constitution of Liberty, Hayek explains why he is not a conservative – and why he does not love conservatism.  Conservatism, says Hayek, is not an ideology, but an attitude.  As such, it has some practical value but no inherent validity.  Hayek prefers an ideology – of freedom, whatever it is called.

    The essay is available here.

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    Worth Reading: Human Dignity

    by Leon Kass

    I heard this piece delivered by Kass as a speech at one of Georgetown’s Tocqueville Forum events.  In the piece, Kass, former Chairmen of Pres. George W Bush’s Council on Bioethics, offers a sketch of his ethical worldview: one founded in the concept of “human dignity”.

    The piece is available here.

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    Worth Reading: Two Concepts of Liberty

    by Isaiah Berlin

    In this seminal essay on freedom, Berlin discusses two clashing concepts of liberty: negative liberty, or freedom from coercion, and positive liberty, the freedom of the “true self” from interfering influences.

    The version of the essay that I read, which contains some strange typos, is available here.

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    Worth Reading: The Inner Ring

    by CS Lewis

    In this address, Lewis warns that much of human intercourse is dominated by the urge to break into exclusive social cliques: “the inner ring”.  Lewis argues that this urge corrupts us and is incapable of granting any deep satisfaction.

    The speech may be read – I believe in its entirety – here.

  • Series,  Worth Reading

    Worth Reading

    I’ve been wanting to figure out away to archive some of the more interesting articles and books I’ve read.  It occurred to me that this blog gives me a ready-made medium for this.  I’m going to be periodically posting links to pieces that I’ve enjoyed reading or found provocative.  They will be filed under the category “Worth Reading”.

    I don’t mean to necessarily endorse all the works in this series.  Some – perhaps most – of the articles will present arguments that I strongly disagree with.  Others may harmonize perfectly with my own beliefs.

    Those endorsements and disagreements will not be handled in this post series.  I’ll try to limit myself to a link to the actual work (when available) and maybe a single-sentence summary of its argument.  But feel free to react to the work in the post’s comment section.